4.2MW Condensate Hot Water Boiler In Wuzhou Hotel

4.2MW Condensate Hot Water Boiler In Wuzhou Hotel

Tonnage: 4.2MW

Application: hotel winter heating

According to the understanding of the heating area, building height and boiler room infrastructure equipment of Wuzhou Hotel, China Boiler provides a 4.2MW integrated condensing hot water boiler. The “one-piece” design makes the economizer+condenser on the boiler body, which greatly reduces the boiler footprint; the high-matching PLC intelligent control system independently designed and developed makes the boiler out of the traditional impression of "stupid and stupid". More intelligent masterpiece; with corrugated furnace and large furnace design structure, fuel combustion is more complete, thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, saving a lot of gas input costs for Wuzhou Hotel.

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